A Closer Look at the Best Bar Inventory Apps of 2019

Here we take an in-depth look at the top 5 bar and liquor inventory apps for managing your bar inventory, including:  features, functionality, reporting and pricing.

Ok, full disclosure: you are reading this on a bar inventory management website, where we are a bit biased when it comes to the bar and liquor inventory app that provides the most bang for the buck, but we are also an open door when it comes to shining a light on our system, as well as other systems.

We have no problem admitting that any one of these systems would be fantastic in helping you count, track and manage your inventory at the highest level.

With that said, we are putting out this review and article with great eagerness because we enthusiastically believe that when it comes to making an investment for your business, nothing saves you more time or increases your profits faster than a cutting-edge inventory system.

All of these systems sync through the cloud, so no need to brag about that in the features listed below.

With that said, let’s get to it, and remember: in the end, you should make the best choice for you and your business.


Yep, top dog, baby! What kind of company would we be if we timidly listed our liquor inventory app and system at #4 just to be humble? But Bar Patrol App isn’t just #1 because we’re feigning confidence.

Developed by bar industry expert Dave Allred, Bar Patrol App was built for the bar owner/manager who wants a top-of-the-line app without adding a large monthly expense. Having taken thousands of inventories using various systems, Allred developed the system to be remarkably fast, accurate, and easy-to-use while having all the most powerful features and analytics involved.

Although many competitors try to beat Bar Patrol App at its own game, the truth is, the bar inventory app by Bar Patrol has the same or more features than the other top 4 listed here, at 1/4 the cost.



Bevspot inventory is a worthy competitor when it comes to bar inventory management and we actually love what they’re doing over there. They have a variety of articles and resources on their website to help owners and managers succeed.

When it comes to a bar and food inventory system, Bar Patrol and Bevspot offer very similar features and benefits, but Bevspot raised millions of dollars to pay for office buildings and sales people to sell Bevspot to bar owners, so they have to charge a lot more to pay for those salaries, which means you’re paying 4 times as much to get the same system.


*Bevspot has multiple pricing tiers, but in order to get all the features and reporting that you really need, you have to pay the most premium price ($249/month).



Bevinco is one of the originators of bar inventory management, going all the way back to the 80’s. They are also a franchise that has Bevinco reps who come in and take full inventory audits for a ridiculous amount of money, but it’s still worth it, as it will save you money.

Again, Bevinco Mobile has very similar features and benefits of Bar Patrol and Bevspot. The only knock we have on Bevinco is that they use a scanner which we don’t like as it actually takes longer to turn each bottle around while you try to line the red laser up with the bar code. Bar Patrol & Bevspot are faster and more streamlined because of this.

*Like Bevspot, Bevinco Mobile has multiple pricing tiers, but you don’t really get anything valuable until you pay for the top tier, which in this case is around $175/month.



Bevager is a bit different than the previous 3, as it integrates directly to some accounting software, which is pretty cool if that’s important to you. What we don’t like about Bevager is that they claim your bar inventory will take 20 minutes across your entire restaurant and bar which is ridiculous.

Not all bars/restaurants are the same, and some have huge inventories. We offer the same challenge we did with Partender to Bevager: If you can come in our chosen bar and do a full inventory in 20 minutes, we will pay you $50,000.

Bevager also uses a scanner which again, we do not like, but besides that, Bevager overall has a pretty slick system.

*Pricing tiers again, but you only get all the necessary features at the most premium price ($200/month)



Partender is the sexy friend who people want to be around, until you hang around them for awhile and realize that there isn’t much substance there. And not to jump on them, but their message is so full of BS, I wouldn’t be surprised if a swarm of flies came buzzing out of the app. Inventory in 15 minutes? You’ve got to be kidding me. 99.2% accurate. Nope. Not with that little slider. These are made-up stats pulled out of thin air. The scale is the most accurate measurement device and even it is only 98% accurate.

In addition, Partender claims that you can run your variance, but you have to MANUALLY enter your sales data to do this which could take up to 30 minutes or more, unlike the other four systems which upload your sales data instantly.

We will say that Partender does have a better slider system than the others because it’s a snap shot of the actual bottle so you can use the brand label to get a more accurate reading.

With that said, Partender will get the job done, and it’s easy to use. But again, are you willing to spend $249/month for an inferior system?

*Pricing tiers once again, the lower ones giving you very little.



All in all, you would most likely be happy with any one of these systems. Most of them provide the same features and benefits (sans Partender). The main difference here is that Bar Patrol has an average cost of $59 per month, while the average cost of the other four combined is $212 per month, 3 – 4 times the cost of Bar Patrol, which is why we have become the #1 bar and liquor inventory app for mid-sized bars and restaurants.

In the end, you need to choose the best liquor inventory system that’s works best for you and your business.

We wish you all the success in the world. We really do.

Cheers, until next time,

The Bar Patrol Team