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"What Bar Patrol did for our restaurant is nothing short of remarkable. It made ordering so much easier, and in addition, we already had pretty tight guidelines in place, yet the system lowered our variance another 15 points."
Gabe Fernandez
Proprietor, Outback Steakhouse


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We Will Set You Up For FREE (Limited Time Offer)*

You read that correctly. For a limited time, we are offering free account set-up (normally $199)to get you going as quickly as possible because we know how busy you are and we want you focusing on the most important aspects of running your business, including your bar inventory.

*NOTE: Free account set-up includes: Locations, Vendors, Categories and Products, including pricing and bottle weights. This will allow you to do all of your counting, ordering, invoicing and run stock-on-hand and usage reports. It does not include Recipe set-up (see below for recipes set-up pricing).

In addition, if Bar Patrol provides free account set-up services in the case of an annual subscription, and a cancellation is requested in the first 30 days and a refund is approved, the set-up fee will be deducted from the refund, as this costs us time and money that we cannot get back. In the case of a monthly subscription, if Bar Patrol has already set-up the account for free, there will be no refund, as the set-up costs ($199) exceed the monthly fee ($69).

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We have an awesome video library that shows you exactly how to set-up your account step-by-step, but we know that owners and managers have 1,000 balls to juggle, which is why we offer account set-up options for those of who want to focus on more important things.

*DISCLAIMER: Bar Patrol reserves the right to increase price quote on accounts that have a higher than normal number of products or recipes, but this is rare. Please read cancellation and refund policies for set-up.

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