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Bar & Food Inventory Made Simple.

Simple as 1 – 2 – 3…

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1. Download the app for free (iOS)

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2. Register an account & add your products


3. Start counting inventory

Integrates With Any POS

Simply export your sales data from your POS and upload it instantly into Bar Patrol so you can measure the variance between much your bartenders rang in vs. how much they poured.

Sync Inventories to Your Online Account & Dashboard

Say good-bye to spreadsheets. Manage all of your inventories, invoices, ordering and run your reports from your online account so you can run your business efficiently.

One-Click Ordering & Invoicing

Automatically send your orders to your vendors and create invoices with a single click of a button.

Deep Analytics

Track usage, sales and how accurately your bartenders are pouring down to the 1/100th of an oz. Our inventory software
sees it all.


Weighing open bottles is by far the most accurate method of measuring your liquor inventory, and with our sleek and speedy Bluetooth Scale, you will fly through your inventory while eliminating human error.

What makes us so special?

Our clients are as excited about Bar Patrol as we are about helping them.

Bar Patrol’s keen insight into what was occurring behind the bar has had a significant impact to our margins, our pour practices and the way we train and educate our bar staff.”

– Chris Gravel, Operating Partner

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