How to Finally Take Your Bar Inventory by the Horns

It’s time, don’t you think? To FINALLY step into the 21st century and stop taking inventory like a caveman scribbling inventory counts with a pen and paper? I mean, that’s what the New Year is for, isn’t it? Setting goals and seizing new opportunities that propel your life and business to new heights.

Or perhaps you don’t take bar inventory at all but you’ve realized that it’s time to stop being a bar owner and to start being a business owner, a real entrepreneur who takes his/her business by the balls because your understand how much time and money you can save with a current inventory system.

After all, how can you possibly compete with other bars and restaurants in your area who have already implemented a quality system and are taking their business to another level?

The good news is that these days more and more bar/restaurant owners and mangers are realizing how important it is to track their inventory, and better yet, they’re doing something about it because once they start using a cutting-edge bar inventory app they can’t believe how long they waited to stop using inventory spreadsheets to manually count and track everything. Sort of like moving from cassette tapes to iTunes.


I know, I know…be calm, little one. Let’s look at an inventory program you can put into place that will keep you from dropping a toaster into your bathtub.

Here at Bar Patrol, we have helped hundreds of clients put in an inventory management program in place that helps systemize their process so that they can track how accurately their bartenders are pouring without taking daily inventory counts.

When bar owners and managers ask us, “How often should I count inventory?” this is what we tell them:

1. Full Inventory – Do a full inventory count once per week and on the first of the month so you can run your pour cost numbers and profit/loss statement (at the very least, take it once per month). With Bar Patrol App, your inventory will take half the time of traditional inventory systems so you should be able to fly through your inventory fairly quickly. Then run a variance report once per week to see how far off your bartenders are as a group.

2. Spot-Checking – Once or twice per week, choose a bartender to spot-check. This will usually happen on a slower night when they are working by themselves. Before their shift, choose 10 of your biggest movers and count them. Then count those same 10 after the shift is over. Do not tell the bartender you are doing it. With only 10 products to count, this should only take you 5 – 10 minutes. Then run a variance report for those 10 products to see how individual bartenders are pouring. With the bluetooth scale, you’re able to see down to the 1/100th of an oz. how accurately they are pouring. You can then sit down with them to show them how they did and how they can improve. This sort of communication magically brings your variance percentage way down and your bar profits way up.

You can’t do that with a traditional system…or you can, but add on an hour or two to the process.


Ahhh, the golden question, and one that needs to be asked. Luckily, here at Bar Patrol, our mission statement (paraphrased) is to help as many bar owners and managers as possible who want a cutting-edge inventory system in place without adding a huge monthly expense to their budget.

And because we didn’t raise $15 million+ from venture capitalists to pay a large sales staff and advertise heavily like some of the other companies out there, we are able to offer the most powerful, affordable and relevant bar inventory app on the market.

It’s the truth. Bar Patrol App has the same or more features than 90% of the other inventory systems out there at 1/4th the cost. You can click here to view our pricing and compare it to the other major bar inventory apps and systems out there.

In fact, we get more new clients who switch from other companies to use Bar Patrol App than from anywhere else, and this is because they realize that they were paying $150 – $300 per month for a system that does the exact same thing as Bar Patrol App for only $59 per month.


No problem, the best way to get a clear picture and idea for how Bar Patrol App works is to watch the demo video here. You can also schedule a screen share demo here if you want, but the demo video will show you most of what you can do with Bar Patrol App.



If you’re ready to start your New Year off with a bang, you can click here and go to the registration page to sign-up.

If you have any questions at all that you couldn’t find on the website, we invite you to send us a message here on the Contact Page.

Thanks again for being here, and welcome to the 21st century and a new way of doing business.

Cheers, until next time,


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