Dave "TheRealBarman" Allred Founder of Bar Patrol From: Martinez, CA

Hello, I'm Dave Allred, Founder/CEO of Bar Patrol. I am also an author, blogger, husband, father and Duke basketball nut.

I started in "the industry" more than 25 years ago as a busboy in a dirty Chinese restaurant in Redding, CA. Since then I have been a barback, server, bartender, bar manager, GM and now bar consultant and owner of Bar Patrol where my passion is not just to sell a better software system, but to help owners and managers move the needle in all areas of their business. ​

Since starting Bar Patrol in 2010, I have personally taken more than 4,000 inventories for clients from the smallest dive bar all the way to working with corporate giants like P.F. Chang's and Outback Steakhouse implementing an inventory tracking system that is both powerful and affordable for bars looking for a better way to run their business.


We have one main goal: to put a powerful, affordable inventory system in as many bars & restaurants as possible so owners and managers can make their lives easier and they can run a better more profitable business. That's it. Period.


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Yep, that's me looking important and giving a bartender /bar manager training in Danville, CA.

Want to Talk to Dave Personally?

I'm not just a faceless company. I'm a real person (you can poke me if you want). Send me a message on the contact page and we will set up a time to talk. I love talking shop and helping in any way I can.

​ You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel at the top of this page for tons of tips and advice on how to run a better bar & restaurant.

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