Bar Patrol

“I’ve tried Partender, Bevspot and Bar Cop and never got these results. $1,000 saved in one weekend…over 50k a year. People are dumb not to try this.”

Steven Polanco, General Manager
Moosemen Sports Bar



What are the device requirements?

Bar Patrol App works on any iOS device (iPad or iPhone) that is able to update to 10.1 or higher for the software updates. If you have an older iPad that is running on anything below 10.1, BAR PATROL WILL NOT WORK ON THOSE OLDER MODELS.

How does it work exactly?

Great question. If you want to see the Bar Patrol App and the Online Dashboard in action simply watch the videos above.

Is it really only $49 per month?

Yep, the annual plan only $49 per month or you can choose to pay month by month for only $69 per month but the annual plan basically gets you about 3 1/2 months free compared to the monthly plan. That’s about $1.63 per day to have a cutting-edge inventory system in-house.

How much faster will it really help me take inventory?

First off, don’t trust anyone who says your inventory will go from 6 hours to 15 minutes. It’s an unethical promise, but your inventory time will easily be cut in half.

I see you use a scale to weigh bottles. How does that work?

There is nothing more accurate than weighing partial bottles with only about a 2 – 3% margin of error. It’s more accurate than point counting, as well as the little slider you may have seen on other apps.

We have a bluetooth scale that makes weighing bottles super fast. Simply put the bottle on the scale and hit Enter.

Check out the bluetooth scale here

Can I still point count if I want to?

Absolutely. If you want to count old school because that’s the way you’ve always done it, go for it. It’s very easy to point count with the app.

Will it aggregate (add up) all my data?

Yep. All you need to do is run a stock-on-hand report and it will total up exactly how much you have of every single brand you carry broken down by category.

Will it help me with my ordering?

For sure. This is one of the coolest features of the software. Not only will it tell you how much to order, broken down by vendor, with just a push of the button, your orders will be automatically emailed off to all of your vendors. No need to call, text or talk to them in person (unless you want to, of course).

Does it work with Android?

Not yet. For now Bar Patrol App is only designed for iOS (Apple) devices. Most of our current clients who do not have an iOS device simply purchase a mini-iPad and charge it to the business.

Will it integrate with my POS?

Bar Patrol integrates with about 95% POS systems. In order to run a variance report to see how accurately your bartenders are pouring, you simply export your sales data report from your POS system to Excel and it uploads instantly to your online dashboard so you can run reports.

Can it count food?

You betcha. Many of our clients use Bar Patrol app to quickly fly through their food inventory, as well as their bar products, cleaning supplies, retail, office supplies, etc., and at no extra cost.

Can it count on multiple devices?

Yes it can. Use multiple devices to divide up the work and make counting inventory even faster.

Do you have a scanner?

No. We do not like scanners, nor do we think they are necessary. They’re bulky, they break and you spend half your time moving the scanner around trying to get it to read the code. We match everything app to shelf so all your products pop up in the exact same order every time. Simple.

What reports can I run?

1. Usage Report
2. Invoice Report
3. Stock-on-Hand Report
4. Purchase Order Report
5. Variance & Pour Cost Report
6. Summary Report
7. Line-by-Line Detailed Inventory Report

How much is the bluetooth scale?

The bluetooth scale is $119 one-time cost (or $139 if outside the U.S). You own it. Click here to check out the bluetooth scale.

Will it work in other countries besides the U.S.?

Absolutely. As long as you have an iOS device and things to count, it will work anywhere in the world. In fact, you can even set it up to count in foreign currency.