The Best Bar & Liquor Inventory App of 2018 – 2019


Yes, yes, yes…I know. I can hear you through the screen right now: “Gee Dave, you’re claiming that Bar Patrol Inventory App is the best one on the market. What a surprise.” Yes, I know how that sounds, but bear with me while I lay out my argument. After all, the main goal here is to find a powerful liquor inventory system that fits your needs without cutting into your profits.

Considering I have tried most of the top liquor inventory apps on the market, and considering my personal track record (30 years in the bar industry, and more than 5,000 inventories counted personally), and considering my competition is a bunch of tech guys (no offense to tech guys; tech guys built Bar Patrol App and software) and not real bar industry people, I have yet to find anyone out there who matches our triple-threat delivery of Product, Price and Support.

In fact, I recently received a message from a bar owner, Steven, who got me so fired up that I have to share it, because when you REALLY care about helping your clients succeed, when you REALLY care about what you do for a living, that feeling of wanting to help more people becomes contagious.

Here is the message I received from Steven, unedited:

“Dave, I got to tell you when I look at reviews that are good I always wonder how many were written from the owner or friends and family. I want to give u a review with a way for people to contact me, people looking at ur software and someone they can call from a different state who has no connection with you and that can tell them, I’ve tried Partender, Bevspot,  and Bar cop and never got these results. I can actually send people my reports, real reports from a real person. I’m sure there are other bars like me who have tried all these other companies and just feel like they all are worthless. I know I did. My secretary convinced me to give u guys a try and I cant tell  you how awesome it is when u email me back with a resolution to my problem and it works fucking amazing. $1000.00 saved in one weekend…that’s not including the $50 a day Sunday thru Wednesday. OMG that’s over 50k a year. People are dumb not to try this.” 

I’m very grateful for every word, Steven. And speaking of Partender and Bevspot, you can CLICK HERE to go to our pricing page to view a chart that compares the top 5 inventory apps on the market.

Also, if you want to see Bar Patrol in action, you can click here to watch a demo video to see exactly how it works.

The truth is, when you believe in something with all your being, and when you see other bar and restaurant inventory systems with the exact same features (or even LESS features) than Bar Patrol Inventory App for 3 – 4 times the cost, we’re actually doing you a disservice if we don’t stand on the top of a mountain and shout out with pride and enthusiasm that we feel our system is the best bang for the buck out there.

More importantly though, I’m sure you want to know: How do we back our claim to be the best bar and liquor inventory app on the market? Easy, our iron-clad, triple-threat delivery.




Here’s the truth about the the app and online software: it’s both powerful and practical and the ideal product for mid-sized bar owners who just want an easier way to take inventory. In other words, we don’t need analytics showing that Grey Goose outsells Belvedere on the 3rd Wednesday of the month when it rains more than 3/4″. We need it to count quickly, we need it to count with extreme accuracy (see the bluetooth scale), we need it to do ordering and invoicing, and we need the analytics to show us our ideal vs. actual pour cost %, as well as variance %. These are the features and functions that are proven to help run the most profitable bars/restaurants and that’s exactly what we deliver on.




We have purposely price-cut all of our competitors, which is a risk because the perception many people have is that the more expensive something is the better, especially when it comes to technology, but it’s simply not true in this case. Here’s the real truth: we used to sell the app for $179/month starting out, just like many of the others, until my vision changed and I realized that what I really wanted was to get my product into the hands of as many bar owners and bar managers who wanted it without paying a huge monthly expense, so we knocked more than $100 off the monthly price and have been helping more bar/restaurants succeed than ever before (47 states and 17 countries now), with compliments and praise coming from those people which makes us feel pretty damn special about ourselves (small tear running down the cheek).




Nail in the coffin here. Game over. We support you with loving care (I know, gag! But it’s true). No other bar and liquor inventory app company has the experience and know-how that we do. Though I started Bar Patrol in 2012, I have been in the bar and restaurant industry more than 30 years now and have walked into hundreds of bars and helped those bar owners stop the bleeding and increase bar profits by $1,000’s per month, whereas the guy you’re chatting with online or speaking on the phone from other companies is a tech operator trained to answer your questions and make a sale. We, on the other hand, help you in all areas with your bar and restaurant to ensure that you succeed, because if you fail, we fail. You succeed, we succeed. Results are all that matter.

And no disrespect to any of my competitors, because they are out there trying to make a difference too, but the truth is, if we don’t have the cajones to ante up and back our product with 1 Million % confidence, we should just pack up our booze, purchase a poncho and a mule, and become a drifter.

Click here if you’d like to watch a demo video to see exactly how it works.

The video walks you through the app and software, and if you have any questions at all, click here and send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.

Cheers, until next time. Make a million.


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