Bar Patrol Inventory App Announces New Menu Item Costing Feature

Bar Patrol Inventory App and liquor inventory tracking system announced a new menu item costing feature in the recipe section of the website that will allow bars and restaurants to price out each of their menu items which will help them determine pricing to achieve maximum cost % and profit.

To use the new item costing feature, the user inputs the quantities of each ingredient and then enters the price of the menu item. The software then automatically calculates the total wholesale cost, cost %, and profit margin of the menu item.

Said Owner/CEO Dave Allred, “The item costing feature helps owners to discover and highlight the menu items which are both the most cost efficient percentage-wise, as well as the ones with the highest profit, which is what we look for when helping bars and restaurants squeeze the most profit out of their menu.”

The new item costing feature also allows the user to export all the recipes to an Excel spreadsheet which creates an overview of the menu items with the lowest cost % and the highest profits at a glance so owners can highlight the ones that are most profitable for their business.

“If you don’t have a bar inventory system in place that is pricing your products and tracking their movement and usage,” said Allred, “you are leaving a lot of money on the table at the end of the month.”

Bar Patrol Inventory App was founded in 2011 and helps bars and restaurants from private mid-sized bars & restaurants, all the way to corporate places like P.F. Chang’s and Outback Steakhouse cut their liquor inventory time in half and increase their monthly profits by a large margin.

For more information, visit if you are thinking of getting rid of your clipboard and moving on to a better bar inventory management system.

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