Liquor Inventory Management: How Accurately do Your Bartenders Pour?

As a bar manager tracking inventory (I’ll assume you’re on top of that), you have to remember that if you’re bartenders aren’t properly trained on how to pour accurately, the costs won’t improve no matter what systems you have in place.

When I set up our full service clients with our liquor inventory system, I always do a bar training to train them the new inventory process we are implanting, as well as the standards they are expected to follow. And then I pour test them to see how accurately they can pour 1 oz., 1.5 oz., 2 oz., and 2.5 oz.

The results are quite disturbing. And hilarious. At the same time.

It’s disturbing for obvious reasons: they’re simply pouring money down the drain. It’s hilarious because here are these bartenders who think they’re badass but when I tell them to pour 1 oz. for me, they pour 2 oz. and when I tell them to pour 2.5 oz., they get scared of over-pouring in front of the manager so they again pour 2 oz.

The problem in the bar industry is that everybody has their own count system.

“I have a classic 5 count.”

“I do the old 8 count.”

“I count to 21, divde by 7 and add 3.”

The truth is, any count will work as long as it’s done at the proper speed. But that’s so vague and ineffective..

When giving bartender trainings, I teach a specific count system that is simple and works every time. If you want to see it in action, check out the video here.

How to Free Pour Liquor Like a Pro

As you’ll see on the video, I use the Exacto Pour tool to measure how accurately the bartenders pour. I have no affiliation with the company, so when I recommend you get one you’ll know that there’s no hidden agenda.

It can be purchased on Amazon for $68. Just click here on Exacto Pour and you can order one.

It is totally worth the cost, as you can use it twice per month to keep the bartenders sharp and on point, and it lets them know that Big Daddy (or Big Mama) doesn’t mess around when it comes to pour costs.

That’s my tip for the day. Happy pouring and may you have a profitable week.

Cheers, until next time,


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