5 Ways to Make Your Bar a Destination Spot

With that said, here are 5 ways you can stand out from the rest bars and restaurants in your area and become a destination spot that people flock to on a daily basis.
1. Establish a Unique Concept
If you’re disappointed in your concept, don’t drop your head like someone took your crayons away. Do something about it. It doesn’t mean you have to remodel the entire place or turn it from a martini lounge to a cowboy bar with a mechanical bull.
It means brainstorm and come up with some new food and drink ideas that will get people excited. Start carrying the giant ice cube balls, serve giant hurricane pitchers, put out a newsletter. Whatever it takes to bring something fresh and dynamic to the vibe and get people talking about your place. If you’re unsure where to start, get online and check out other bars. There are thousands of ideas out there. Find some and make them your own.
2. Cater to Women
Sounds sexist, I know, but you’d better pay attention here because it’s that important. There’s a reason Jon Taffer preaches this to bar owners SHOW AFTER SHOW AFTER SHOW: Because it’s the truth.
No women = No crowd. And no crowd means no mullah for you.
It’s a catch 22 basically. The reason why nobody will come in if there are no women is because if women look in a bar and see only men, they immediately get creeped out and suspicious and will move on to the next bar, and if men look in the bar and see no women, well…we all know what goes on in men’s heads, so they too will move on to the next bar.
So create an atmosphere and a cocktail menu and promotions that make women feel comfortable and that draws them to your place instead of repels them.
3. Hold Mixology Classes
Hang on now. Don’t just skip to the next one because you think this takes too much work. The mega-successful businesses of the world are the ones that do what other businesses are unwilling to do because they feel it’s too much work.
The truth is, people get SO friggin’ excited about learning how to make drinks, and many of them even fantasize about being a bartender. Did you know that on Facebook, The Tipsy Bartender has 12 Million followers? And all they do is make crazy drinks and people LOVE IT!!! You can tap into this and be the only bar in your area to get people excited about learning how to make drinks for their home parties, and there are a lot of classic, as well as crazy drinks to get people flocking to your bar.
4. Jump Head First into Community Events
Getting involved in the community sounds rather cliché, but it is so powerful. People are so connected and protective of the area they live in that when they see you involved in the events going on, they immediately bond with your business and become a fan, which can lead to obsession, and obsession is a good thing when it comes to business.
In the big scheme of things it’s called branding, which sounds all market-y, but brand loyalty is a mighty bond that is hard to break.
So show your face, get involved, network, lend a hand and show people you care. Before long, your reputation will build you a following you can be proud of.
5. Keep On Keepin’ On With Promotions
I know, same old shit, right? Gotta do promotions. What are we going to do this month? Sorry, but promotions work. Especially good ones, so take the dunce cap off and put on the thinking cap and get to work on some fun creative ideas with your staff.  If you need ideas, scour the Web.
Promotions not only help bring people into the bar, they define the personality of the business, so make sure you find something that aligns with who you are and then sell the hell out of it. Facebook is obviously one of the best ways to do this by boosting posts and using the Power Editor and Ads Manager. If you don’t know how to use those things yet, it’s time to learn because it’s the most powerful way to do targeted advertising that the world has ever seen.
Best of luck. You can do it. Just remember, great value, customer satisfaction and enthusiasm should be the heart of everything you do and the North Star to guide you in your business.
Dave, The RB

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