The Law of Gigantic Personality in Your Bar/Restaurant

As some of you who know me already and read my books, you know that I speak in “laws”. I believe there are certain laws that if you follow and implement, you can be wildly successful in your business.

And you’ll want to buckle up and pay attention to this law because this one law alone could raise your bar/restaurant (not to mention other areas of your life) to a level you can’t even imagine.

This law will put your business on success steroids. In fact, this law is a universal law for just about any business you can think of. I’ve seen it and I’ve experienced it in my own business.

Here’s how I came across this law. My brother-in-law, Frank, is a good story. When I met my wife back in 1994, her sister’s husband, was working construction for $12 per hour busting his ass. 

Frank never went to college, but decided one day to start is own contractor business installing ceilings for commercial buildings. A giant undertaking. I won’t go into all of the details here, but since that time Frank has built a $20 million company that he is looking to raise to $50 million in the next couple of years.

Today, Frank is one of my great friends and he also my business partner and mentor, which benefits me because I continue to learn from him. But the biggest thing I learned from him was not business-savvy financial advice or how to sell new business to prospects.

The biggest thing I learned from him was the Law of Gigantic Personality.

Frank is a former drill sergeant in the Marines. He has no problem telling you what is on his mind, and when I first met Frank he would often revert back to his drill sergeant days and get heated for a variety of reasons.

Translation, he could be an asshole if he wanted to. He never was to me, but to people who annoyed him, it could happen.

Over the years, Frank’s personality has changed more than just about anyone I have ever known. He was always a good guy, but now he is someone you want to be around all the time. He’s magnetic.

You can see it when he walks into one of his clients buildings. He’ll start chatting up the receptionist who will start laughing at something Frank has said. Pretty soon someone else will come over and join in and before you know, 20 workers from this building have stopped what they are doing so they can be in on what Frank is talking about.

He’s fucking contagious is what he is. You just want to hang out with the guy.

This particular building I am talking about is home of one of the biggest companies in San Francisco that contracts work out. When Frank first walked into the building years ago, they told him they did not have any work for him and that they probably never would.

Frank asked if it was ok if he checked back once in awhile. They said that would be fine. The thing is though, Frank didn’t tell them HOW much he would check back. He was determined to land them as a client so he not only checked back, but he walked in their doors three or four times per week to chat them up.

At first they were a bit put off by this guy who wouldn’t listen to the fact that they had no work for him, but the more he went in and chatted them up, the more they loved him and actually looked forward to him coming in.

Today, Frank does ALL of the ceiling and drywall business that this company bids out. He is the face of his business and people are loyal to him, not just because he provides quality ceilings, but because they LOVE him.

The point to this rambling story is that you must be the face of your bar/restaurant the same way that Frank is the face of his business. Your establishment should bleed your guts and soul. That means you should walk up and shake the hand and greet EVERY SINGLE PERSON that walks through your doors.

And that doesn’t mean you “touch each table” when the food is dropped and say politely, “How is everything this evening, folks? I hope you find everything to your liking.”

Are you kidding me? That is called thinking small. Thinking safe. Thinking of the easy way to do things.

Think big. Be big. Be full of personality. Be a real person, not a cliché manager who follows an etiquette rule book. Greet each person as if they are a nephew who you used to bounce on your lap, who you haven’t seen for years, and who just won the lottery.

Be overjoyed to see them. Ask about their family, their house, their job, their dog. Everything. Laugh big, joke big, be someone they want to hang around all the time.

With that said, don’t be a jackass, and by that I mean don’t annoy people who want to be left alone. Greet everyone with a big personality, but have your sensors on. If it’s clear they want to be left alone, tell them to enjoy their meal or drink and to let you know if they need anything and then move on.

If you can read what people want as far as being left alone or chatting them up, you will be well loved all the way around and people will come back again and again and again just so they can be around your positive energy.

And in the process, other people will see how well you are liked and they will begin to wonder what it is about you that is so great and they will look forward to you visiting them at their table or the bar.

Using Frank as my role model, I started doing this for my business and it changed everything. This is truly, without a doubt, the most powerful law you can incorporate into any area of your life, along with increasing the actions you take on a daily basis.

Cheers, until next time,


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