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Yes. Bar Patrol Inventory App integrates with any POS system. Simply export your sales data from your POS to Excel and it uploads instantly into Bar Patrol. NOTE: You do not need POS integration to count inventory or do ordering/invoicing or run your summary report. 

Yes! Bar Patrol is now available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Head to the Apple or Google Play app store to download the app for free.

Bar Patrol Inventory App works on any Apple device that is able to update to 10.1 or higher for the software updates. If you have an older iPhone or iPad that is running on anything below 10.1, BAR PATROL WILL NOT WORK ON THOSE OLDER MODELS. As was answered in the question above, Android version will be ready sometime in June of 2020.

We are an independent company and our main goal is to help as many bar and restaurant owners as possible. What that means is, we did not raise millions of dollars and hire hundreds of sales people and rent out expensive office buildings like many of our competitors, which would then force us to charge a high price to pay for our bloated company and make our investors happy. We have a small, crackerjack team located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are experts, we are lean, and we have no debt or investors to answer to. Because of that, we are able to a provide a premium software for a fair price everyone can afford.
Click here to visit our pricing page and see all the premium features you get for $1.63 per day.

Absolutely. You can sign-up and try Bar Patrol for 14 days for FREE to make sure you like it, AND we will even set-up your account for free as well. Click here to try it for free.

Absolutely. This is one of the coolest features, because not only can multiple people count on multiple devices at the same time, but inside each location, all products will be repeated in the last order counted to save you even more time. No other app that we know of does this at this time.

Let’s use an example: let’s say you currently take inventory with a spreadsheet, or something similar, and it takes you 2 hours to take inventory. With one person counting, you can cut the time in half to 60 minutes. With two people counting, you could do it in 30 minutes. With three people, 20 minutes. You get the point. You know how to do math.

There is nothing more accurate for weighing partial bottles than the Bluetooth scale, with only about a 2 % margin of error. It’s far more accurate than point counting, as well as the little slider you may have seen on other apps.

Our super-awesome, super-sexy Bluetooth inventory scale makes weighing bottles extremely fast and accurate. Simply put the bottle on the scale and hit “Enter”.

Check out the bluetooth scale here

Nope. You are welcome to point-count if you’d like. It’s totally up to you.

The Bluetooth scale is a one-time cost of $119, or $149 if shipped outside the U.S.  Click here to check out the bluetooth scale.

You can buy a keg scale, but they cost around $250 – $300. Instead, we recommend buying a simple digital bathroom scale for around $20 and it will work just as well. Simply place the keg on the scale, enter the pounds into the app and it knows exactly how much is in there based on the full and empty weight of the keg (which you can find in our tutorial library).

Absolutely. If you want to count old school because that’s the way you’ve always counted your liquor inventory, go for it. It’s very easy to point-count with the app.

Once you sign up, you will receive a link to our tutorial library which guides you step-by-step on how to set up your account, but if you’re having trouble, you can always send us your products (in Excel format) and we will be happy to set them up for you. 

You betcha. Many of our clients use Bar Patrol Inventory App to quickly fly through their food inventory, as well as their bar products, cleaning supplies, retail, office supplies, etc., and at no extra cost.

Without a doubt. This is one of the coolest features of the software. Not only will Bar Patrol tell you how much liquor and/or food to order, broken down by vendor, but with just a push of the button, your orders will be automatically emailed off to all of your vendors. No need to call, text or talk to them in person (unless you want to, of course). Once the orders come in, you are able to approve them with one click and a new invoice will be created for you.

No. We do not like scanners, nor do we think they are necessary. They’re bulky, they break and you spend half your time moving the scanner around trying to get it to read the code. We match everything app to shelf so all your products pop up in the exact same order every time. Bar Patrol App is actually faster than those apps that use a scanner.

1. Usage Report
2. Invoice Report
3. Stock-on-Hand Report
4. Purchase Order Report
5. Variance & Pour Cost Report
6. Summary Report
7. Line-by-Line Detailed Inventory Report

Absolutely. As long as you have an iOS or Android device and things to count, it will work anywhere in the world. In fact, we are now in more than 40 countries around the world.

Yes we do. Click here to watch a demo video on our Home page to see exactly how Bar Patrol App works and how it can help you count your food and bar inventory faster and help your business grow.

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