It’s here! It’s here! The new automatic ordering cart and invoicing system for Bar Patrol Inventory App is here!

Sorry, but around here we’re a little excited about it. Bar Patrol has always had the ability to run a purchase order that tells you how much to order based on your par levels, but you still had to phone, text or email those orders to all of your vendors individually.

Not anymore. Check it out:


After counting your bar inventory (or food inventory), simply run a purchase order, which will categorize all of your products by vendor, and with the push of a single button your orders will be automatically emailed to all of your vendors.

In addition, on the purchase order page, you are able to increase or decrease the number of products for busier or slower seasons, or even add more products not on the purchase order. It’s basically now a regular ordering cart that sends your orders off.

Your order cart will show you how much you are spending by each individual brand, as well as your overall expenditures at the bottom of the cart.


Invoicing, which used to have to be manually entered, has also become significantly faster and easier as well. Once your orders come, simply go into the Bar Patrol dashboard and select the vendor who delivered your products and go over the invoice to assure that everything came in. If the quantity delivered is different than the amount ordered, or if something is on backorder, you can easily adjust the invoice in Bar Patrol to match the delivery so you can track exactly what came in.

Once everything looks good, simply approve the invoice and one will automatically be created for you in the invoice section.

That’s it, done.

Now your ordering and invoicing will take only seconds so you can move on to the more important aspects of running your business.

For a more detailed look at the ordering and invoice feature and how it works, watch the video below.

To watch a complete demo video of Bar Patrol Inventory App click here.

I’ll see you next time.

Cheers, and make a million!


Automatic Ordering & Invoicing

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