The Top 7 Bar Inventory Apps of 2022

In case you were wondering, yes, we could have done a top 10 bar inventory app list. Seems like a nice round number, but we stopped at 7, because for owners and managers who really care about their bar, who wants the 8th best bar inventory app? 

That’s like choosing the 8th best babysitter in your neighborhood to watch your kids. It’s risky, it’s irresponsible, and if your significant other found out, you would be hung by your toes and dipped into boiling tar.

Once again, it is not lost on us that you have come to research bar inventory apps on a website that offers an inventory app. That would be condescending – insulting even –  to think we could “fake you out” by pretending we were completely neutral and had no dog in this fight. That’s not us. Transparency is of upmost importance to us.

In fact, it is written in our Manifesto to serve first, as you do with your guests who come into your bar and restaurant.

That means we are not so blind as to think we are the only capable and quality inventory software on the market. We have great respect for our rivals, and any one of the inventory apps listed below will help you achieve your inventory and beverage program goals. 

Your job is to determine which one provides the biggest value for your money, and which one aligns with your inventory needs.

Enough yapping though. Let’s light the flame and get these bar inventory app olympics under way. At anytime you can scroll to the bottom and see a comparison chart of all 7 inventory apps side-by-side and what they offer.
All pricing is based on annual billing. Most have month to month billing as well for a bit hire price.

The Top 7 Bar Inventory Apps of 2022

1. Most Bang for Your Buck

Yes, we are fully aware that you will call us a bunch of biased wankers (as the Brits would say), for listing ourselves at the top spot, but you’ll notice it’s based on the biggest value for your money. Bar Patrol Inventory App has nearly every feature of our competitors at a fraction of the cost.

The newest updated version of Bar Patrol App has everything you could want to run a superior beverage program. Click here for full features list.

The best thing about Bar Patrol is that we do not have payment tiers. You get everything, all features at one price to take the pressure off your monthly expenses. Bar Patrol’s unique mapping system pops your products up in order as they are arranged on your shelves, allowing you to fly through your inventory with speed and simplicity. You can also count on multiple devices in multiple locations, speeding up your inventory even faster.



2. Most Comprehensive

Bevager is now under the umbrella of Craftable, and they have evolved to be one of the more complete inventory systems on the market. The main issue now is that suddenly their pricing has been removed and we all know what that means: it’s too high to list, and in order to find out, you have to give up your contact information in order to be hassled by them and sold to. Even when you click on their pricing link it doesn’t give you 

liquor inventory

pricing. In addition, they have a separate account and software called Foodager for counting food, which means you’ll probably have to pay even more money in order to count your food inventory. With that said, they are possibly the most comprehensive inventory software around, with more than 60 technology integrations, including accounting. They do not, however, weigh their bottles which is a huge cause for inaccurate inventory counts. But if you want a lot of technology options, Bevager is the one for you.



Don’t really have a “most” category for Bevspot, but I will say that I like what they’re doing over there. They offer a lot of free resources to help managers out, and they have transparent, if not high, pricing. Bevspot is another program that is very comprehensive with a lot of options. 

In addition, they have everything Bar Patrol has as far as one-click ordering, matching app to shelf and comprehensive analytics.

liquor inventory system

On their website, they do say, “If you want to sign-up for both food & beverage contact us to find a plan that’s right for you,” signifying that the $219/mo. is only for beverage.



Bevinco has been around since 1987 and was one of the pioneering companies when it came to beverage management. They are now called Sculpture Hospitality for reasons I can’t fathom, but to each their own. Sculpture has a comprehensive app and inventory system with many of the same features we’ve discussed with the other apps. The one thing you’ll notice though is that they are big on selling you their franchise model for becoming an inventory auditor for $50,000, and little birds have told me 

beverage management system

that the higher-ups are a bit snobby when it comes to helping the little guy, which is the exact opposite of our philosophy and irritates many people who have encountered this. 
The pricing is difficult to find and it is unclear if food costs more, but last we checked it was around $175 for all features. With that said, the system itself is still very good.



5. Wisk - $179/mo.

At this point, you’re getting more of the same. Wisk is another quality bar inventory system that has a bluetooth scale and scanner if you’re into that. They also have the capability to integrate with accounting software. Wisk is sort of the new kid on the block, but they have done a good job of creating an inventory system that works.



Backbar claims to be the “free bar inventory app” which is partially true. They have a freemium version with some of the basics if that’s all you’re looking for. In order to get anywhere close to the rest of these systems, you need to pay $129/mo. With that said, if you do pay that much, they have some decent reporting and you can’t count on multiple devices for faster counting. However, like most of the other systems, Backbar has no scale or even the sliding bar, which means it’s all point-counting which is a 10 – 12% margin of error. Still, a solid system overall.

bar inventory app

I’m just going to be honest and forthcoming here: Partender doesn’t really even belong in the top 7, but it’s so well-known, I had to mention it. They are listed as most exaggerated because of their claims of “inventory in 15 minutes” (unless you have 4 people counting) and “99.2% accurate”, which are both ridiculous claims. Partender does not upload sales data or do many of the things these other systems can do, and just based on their marketing lies, I’m turned off by them. However, I know that it looks sexy and inviting, so if you’re doing old school inventory still, it’s way better than that.

bar inventory



best bar inventory apps

That’ll do it. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, comments, rants, raves or otherwise, email us at and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

See you next time. Cheers,

Dave & the Bar Patrol Team

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