The Bar Patrol Tutorials

What do You Need Help With?

Account Set-Up

5 simple steps to getting your account up and running right away.

Taking Inventory

How to take your 1st inventory, recurring inventory & count on multiple devices.

Pars, Ordering & Invoicing

How to set your pars, order products and create invoices.

How to Upload the Sales Data

How to upload the sales data from your POS directly into Bar Patrol.

The Bluetooth Scale

Learn how to easily sync your Bluetooth scale to the app.

Full & Empty Bottle Weights

This is your guide to figuring full and empty bottle weights.

Counting & Weighing Kegs

The best ways to count your beer kegs, including full & empty keg weights.

Advanced Modifiers

How to set-up modifiers in recipes, as well as account for doubles, neats & martinis.

Martinis, Doubles & Neat

How to account for doubles, neat & martini pours.


Understanding the reports, as well as troubleshooting when something's not right.

How the Admin Works

Learn how to manage multiple locations from one dashboard and how to add multiple users with their own login and permissions.

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