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Let me ask you this, and be honest: do you love telling people how busy and chaotic your life is? Really think about it. Do you tell them how you only sleep five hours per night and can barely find time to comb your hair and choke down a Pop Tart, let alone run a bar and restaurant?

Do you hang out with your friends and provide all the gory details of the draining tasks you have to do at work and how much your employees suck?

“Me time?” you say. “HA!!! That’s a laugh!”

And when they console you, do you wrap yourself in their words like a warm Snuggie, only to realize that cold reality can’t be comforted by their insincere interest in your job drama?

I used to do the exact same thing, until one day I realized I was only deceiving myself. It suddenly dawned on me that the purpose of my bitching and moaning was to coax sympathy from others for how difficult my job was and how hard I was working.

Turns out bitching and moaning ranks very low on the Activities That Produce Massive Results list.

As a result, I started writing down all the tasks and activities I was doing while managing the restaurant during the week.

It was like a slap in the face. A real “a-ah moment”. I discovered I spent most of my time haphazardly doing busy work or looking up unnecessary drivel on the Internet. My list looked something like this:

  • Do the books
  • Make a deposit
  • Post the daily message on FB (Wait, what’s this? A dad coming home from the war to surprise his family? I HAVE to watch this video or it’s like I’m unpatriotic).
  • (30 minutes later) Wander through the restaurant and flip some lights on and then remember that I have to go back upstairs to get the bartender the cash for the register because we open in 30 seconds…
  • Pre-shift meeting? Nah, out of time. Tomorrow maybe…

And so on and so forth…wandering…aimlessly! At the end of the week when I looked at the tasks I was doing and the time I spent doing them I realized there was no actual management taking place. No vision. No leadership. No real plan. Just a wormhole of inefficient busy work and meetings with salespeople and vendors. It was complete disorientation with no semblance of direction, and at that moment I decided to change things.


That was well over a decade ago, before I ever started Bar Patrol. Since then — since that “a-ha moment” — I have dedicated much of my life studying business and management systems for bars and restaurants, including talking to hundreds of owners and managers to find out what they were doing that was both successful and unsuccessful.

Not surprisingly, most bars and restaurants (or other businesses, for that matter) have no real systems in place at all. Owners and managers simply wing it, hoping to be like Jason Bourne calmly walk/running through crowds of people, adapting to the situation and efficiently disposing of would-be assassins as he goes.

Except when restaurant owners and managers wing it, their business eventually suffers a horrible death. There is no adapting or making brilliant instinctual decisions on the fly. Only hanging on for dear life, like clutching to a small root on the side of a cliff, praying that it will hold.

I’ve made it my goal in life to change all that…

Which brings us to the Restaurant Management Masterclass, an extensive online course for learning how to manage and run a successful bar and restaurant, because the information out there is scarce and shallow, to say the least, which is why it took me a grueling 8 months to build a detailed step-by-step guide to help you completely manage and systemize your bar and restaurant. There is no other restaurant management course like it.

No confusion or vague instructions on how to manage your bar and restaurant. I hold your hand the entire way and tell you exactly what to do when it comes to systemizing and managing your:

  • Finances
  • Staff
  • Culture
  • Hiring
  • Training
  • Inventory
  • Cost Controls
  • Marketing
  • Menu
  • Item Costing

The course is built specifically for the bar and restaurant industry to help you save loads of time and put strategies and systems in place that can be automated. In addition, there are more than 30 templates and checklists to guide you through every process, as well as more free bonuses than a 2 hour infomercial.

I’ve put all my 30 years of bar and restaurant industry experience and 10 years of working with hundreds of bar and restaurant owners into this course, so if you are frazzled, disoriented and wandering aimlessly like I was, or you’re simply in need of a master education in bar and restaurant management, you can check out the course details here:

The Restaurant Management Masterclass

This is a 30-day, money back guarantee course for anyone who wants to become
an expert at running a bar and restaurant


To put it plainly, this is a new opportunity for you to change your behavior and the way you run your business. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You don’t need to subscribe to 39 restaurant management blogs. You just need a few proven systems and strategies you can implement right now, because…
  • You don’t need to be buried in information. Information rarely changes behavior. You need a system to implement the strategies
  • Whenever you use the word “should” — “I should get in shape” or “I should spend more time with my kids” — you have already lost. As Nike says, “Just Do It”.
  • Systemization and Automation is more powerful than almost anyone can imagine when it comes to transforming your business.

As you know, I give away 90% of my advice and material for free. My goal is to give away better free content and information than most people charge for. I save the premium content only for those who want to take their expertise to an entirely new level and become a master at their profession. That’s who the Restaurant Management Masterclass is for.

In the meantime, I would love to hear from you about your current situation and how you manage your time and systems in your business, or what you feel you need help with in your bar/restaurant, because I will be constantly updating the course and adding new material to make it the most effective and powerful course available (updates and new content are all included in the course membership).

Feel free to email me at and give me your best bitching and moaning story. Bet it can’t top mine.

Otherwise, you’re welcome to keep doing things the way you’re doing them now and continue to get the same results, whatever they are.

Either way, see you next time. Make a million.


P.S. In case you just scrolled quickly to the bottom, here’s the link to the goodies again: The Restaurant Management Masterclass

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