Here at Bar Patrol, we'd like to wish everyone a happy rum day. Since it's the Olympics, we're featuring the Caipirinha, made with cachaça, a Brazilian rum of sorts, the difference being that cachaça is made from fresh sugar cane and traditional rum is often made from refinery by-products such as molasses.

The Caipirinha is awesomely refreshing, with barely any mixer, save sugar and lime juice, which means it can be enjoyed sans chug-a-lugging.

You are also welcome to enjoy a Mojito today, but whatever you do, please do not confuse the two and put mint into your Caipirinha or we will find you and put you on a spit to roast for the natives.

The Caipirinha

-2 oz. of cachaça
-4 lime wedges
-2 teaspoons of sugar or 1 oz. of simple syrup

Muddle all ingredients in a bucket, making sure to smash up those limes good. 
Add cachaça.
Add crushed ice to the top

Cheers, until the next time, and Happing Rumming!

Dave, The RB


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