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Upserve [formerly Breadcrumb] has become an absolute game changer when it comes to restaurant POS systems. After using and testing more than a dozen of the most popular POS systems on the market, we found Upserve POS to be the crème de la crème when it comes to ease of use, features, support and reporting. Oh, the reporting!

Best POS For Smaller Establishments

Although we love Upserve for its ease-of-use and reporting, TouchBistro gets a close second because of its aesthetics and lower starting price point.


12-Month Profit/Loss Template ($19.99)

This is the ultimate profit/loss template. Track your monthly cost of goods sold and labor using this powerful, yet simple-to-use Profit/Loss template, which includes 12 separate templates included in one for each month of the year. Includes monthly income & expenditures, as well as year-to-date income and expenditures all built into the formula.

Weekly Sales & Prime Cost Template ($9.99)

The Weekly Sales & Prime Cost report is a powerful tool that allows you to track both your weekly sales AND your prime cost so you can identify problems quickly and make adjustments to your COGS and labor costs before they get out of hand.

Daily Sales & Cash Reconciliation Template ($9.99)

Recording and tracking your daily sales is not optional, it's a requirement for running your business. This template will allow you to track and record daily sales and determine if the money that was rang in and the money that you actually have in-hand match each other.

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