How to Become a Rockstar Bar Owner/Manager

Back in 2006 a terrible mistake was made when the owner of the bar/club I was working at told me that I was the new full time manager for the bar/restaurant.

Not that I wasn’t grateful, or even excited to be offered the position. I was a fantastic head bartender with a great following of regulars and I was even in charge of the bar and liquor inventory and ordering, but that was about all I knew about running and managing a bar/restaurant. And you know what?

It was frickin’ SCARY!

I didn’t want to be exposed for all I didn’t know. And truth be told, I don’t think the owner even really knew what he was doing. He just decided to appoint someone to run the day-to-day operation of the business in hopes that everything would just magically be taken care of.

As a result, I felt like a bad tight-rope walker wobbling wildly over a pool of blood-thirsty crocodiles. The overwhelm was nauseating.

Here’s the problem: there is A LOT to know about opening and managing a bar and restaurant. Whether you’re just starting a new restaurant or trying to make an existing one better.

You can’t just go from bartender to manager by doing the weekly ordering and making the schedule. And you can’t just decide to open a restaurant because you’ve been successful at other businesses.

You have to understand how to do the daily books and how to item cost the menu, inspire the staff, keep them on-task, provide great service. The list goes on and on. You have to KNOW how things behind the scenes work.

What that means is learning to start and manage a bar and restaurant takes education. Not years of education, but some good solid studying and learning for sure.

I wish I would have had a course I could have taken that would have educated me on how to manage the bar instead of the path I took which was just fly by the seat of my pants and learn by trial and error (and believe me, there were plenty of errors along the way), which is why you’re here, isn’t it?

If you’re in that same predicament, and you want badly to learn how to become an expert bar/restaurant manager, I have the perfect course for you. The same one I wished I could have found when I first started out.

And I have to tell you, now that I’ve traversed the jungles and pitfalls of management, I can tell you honestly that there is no better feeling than being an expert and knowing what you’re doing and having the answers to questions you’re asked by your staff and the owner. It’s the exact opposite feeling of having one of them look to you for answers and all you can do is turn away and mumble something about having to go pick up your dry-cleaning really quick.

I know, I can hear you now:

“Ok Dave, I get it, just tell me about the course already.”

Sure. So this course was built by a colleague of mine, Roger Beaudoin.

We first met when I was a guest on his podcast, Restaurant Rockstars. He is an amazing guy with a ton of knowledge when it comes to running a super profitable and successful bar and restaurant.

Once I saw all the modules and lessons inside the course and how powerful it was, I instantly decided to partner and promote this thing because I was blown away by how detailed and involved it was. It is an education that is REALLY helping bar/restaurant industry professionals become truly unstoppable on a mega-high level.

Click below if you’re interested in learning more about this amazing course.

Restaurant Rockstars Academy

Inside the course you’ll learn more than you can possibly imagine, including:

-Developing and executing a powerful business plan

-How to open a new bar and restaurant

-Hiring and training an amazing staff

-Building an unforgettable brand

-Increasing sales

-Reducing losses

-Menu item costing

-Analyzing your data

-Everything you need to know about finances


…and more than I can even list here. That’s just a small taste.

I wouldn’t recommend this course unless I TRULY believed in it or my reputation would turn to shit in an flash. My main purpose is to be a game changer and help every bar and restaurant owner/manager absolutely kill it when it comes to succeeding in this industry.

Click here if you want to learn more about the Restaurant Rockstars Academy

Trust me, it will change the way you run your bar/restaurant and move you to “expert” status in your job and business.

If you have any questions at all, send me a message. I’m always here for you.

Cheers, until next time,


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