Why do my products show negative oz. used on the usage report?

When there is a negative number on the usage or variance report for oz. used, it is because you have more of the product in the 2nd inventory count than the first, which isn’t possible. If you end up with more than you start with, there is no usage. For example, in the below screenshot, you can see a few products where this happens, especially with Tito’s. You can see here that the beginning inventory count is 1 and the ending inventory count is 6.19 so the bar has gained 5.19 bottles, which causes the usage to be -5.19 bottles or -175.47 oz.

bar inventory usage report

There are usually two reasons to have negative oz. used on the usage and variance reports:

  1. There was a miscount
  2. Or the more likely case is that you did not enter an invoice for items that were delivered.

When #2 happens, you gain products but don’t account for them being added to the inventory. When you create an invoice for the products that are delivered, the products are accounted for and the usage will now be correct.

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