How do I enter wholesale and retail pricing for products?

Wholesale pricing is what you pay your suppliers for each product. And when we say each product, we mean each individual container, and that includes bottled beer. So when you enter your wholesale price for bottled beer, do not enter the case price. You need to enter the individual bottle price. For instance, if a case of Corona costs you $27.14, then divide that by 24 to get $1.13. That will be your WS price for Corona.

Retail pricing is the price that your guests pay for each product. However, for this you will enter the portion price of the product, or what your guests pay for one shot, one beer, one glass of wine. In addition you will also enter the portion size for each product. For example, a shot of Jack Daniels might be 1.5 oz. (portion size) for $7 (RT portion price). A glass of Columbia Crest Chardonnay might be 6 oz. for $8. This information will help determine the retail value of the entire container, which allows the software to determine the cost percentage of every single product.

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