What if my POS system doesn’t have POS ID numbers?

Not a problem at all. You can upload your sales data into Bar Patrol one of two ways: by POS ID number or by Recipe Name. You just need to make sure that your sales data name and recipe name match exactly, almost like each character (letter) is a number. For instance, on your sales data report, you might have: Long Island Iced Tea. When you set up a recipe for this, you can’t enter it as Long Island in the recipe template. Those two names don’t match. Even if you enter something as small as an extra space in the name, it won’t be recognized. Like this:

Long Island –> Long Island

The extra space in between Long & Island in the second example will make it unrecognizable when you upload the sales data because they don’t match exactly.

Make sure to watch the Recipe Set-Up video in the video library when you’re ready to set-up your recipes. It shows you step-by-step how to do it.

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