How do I account for keg deposits?

For keg deposits, we find that some people record them and some people don’t because they balance out in the end.  

If you do want to track your keg deposits, here’s how to do it: 

You need to create a “Keg Deposit” product, just like you would for any other brand. Enter the wholesale price of the keg deposit (i.e. $30 or whatever the deposit is). Then when the kegs are delivered, in the app start a new inventory and search for “Keg Deposit” and then however many came in (i.e. 6).

Then, when the kegs are picked up, you will need to create a Comp invoice. To do that, go to New Inventory and switch the type of inventory from Standard to Comp. Now enter the number of kegs leaving the premises and that will account for them.

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