Bar & Restaurant Industry Standards: Find Out Where You Stand

Just about anyone who has ever owned or managed a bar knows about (or has at least heard of) pour cost percentage and the importance of keeping it down so you profit margins will go up.

But more and more, I get managers emailing me and asking about the other industry standards and what those percentages should be, such as food, labor, prime, non-alcoholic, paper, occupancy, etc.

So I’ve put a quick video together to go over what the industry standards SHOULD be, even though the majority of bars and restaurants aren’t hitting these numbers.

Bar & Restaurant Industry Standards

If you want to know more about prime cost, check out How to Calculate Prime Costs for Your Bar or Restaurant.

You can also learn more about calculating pour cost percentage here:

How to Calculate Pour Cost Percentage.

If you are way off on these numbers, it’s your job to make a plan and then execute that plan in order to get those numbers down.

Also, after watching the video, you can click on the Resourcestab and download a PDF of the industry standards so you can print it out and keep it handy.


Cheers, until next time.


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